Monday, October 16, 2006

Preserving beautiful woodland

I went for a walk in Garbett's Wood today (, A beautiful spot just to the south of Rogate village. As I arrived I found fly tippers had littered the gate leading from the wood to the lane with bricks, concrete and, most bizarrely, a painted plaster cast rabbit. It's a great shame that people see fit to despoil what others make an effort to keep beautiful.

What is the solution ? How do we go about inculcating respect for the environment ? Not sure I know the answer but I don't want it to be 24 hour CCTV survellance of woodlands. Can we not provide some carrots to encourage people and businesses to dispose of waste properly combined with serious penalties for those who do not ? I can't be right that it is currently cheaper to pay fines and fly tip than to dispose of waste at authorised waste recycling / disposal centres.


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