Friday, February 09, 2007

The District Council Elections

I would like to introduce myself as the Conservative Party candidate for Rogate, Milland, Rake and Linch for the Chichester District Council elections which will be held on Thursday 3rd May. Ann Janes who has worked hard for many years to represent your interests is retiring.

I grew up in the District and my family have lived here for several generations. I live in Rogate with my wife, young son and daughter.

As a member of the Rogate and Rake Parish Council, I'm in touch with the challenges our local villages face. John Prescott has robbed local councils of many of their powers so I'm not going to pretend that if you vote for me, Chichester District Council can right every wrong or cure every ill – I believe in honesty in politics. That said, if you vote for me, I will:-

Fight to protect our countryside from development – destroy it once and you don't get a second chance;
Advocate robust policing to make criminals run scared; and
Make the case for freedom; for you to be given more opportunities to run your own lives through low taxes and less nannying bureaucracy.

At present I lead a frontline team at the Financial Services Authority. I've previously worked in Whitehall where I wrote two widely acclaimed reports which set out how to cut red tape for businesses and charities. I've also given my time freely as a school governor and special constable. I would like you to give me the opportunity to use my experience on your behalf.


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