Monday, June 04, 2007

Crime & Disorder

While we live in what is in many ways a very peaceful part of the country we have been troubled by various unpleasant incidents this year. We don't have a large local police presence and we have become reliant on the state to deal with minor incidents which, in a previous generation, would have been dealt with differently, if indeed they arose.

Dealing with the social problems which underly some incidents is something which will take many years of resolute Conservative government, unafraid to challenge the 1968 liberal (or anarchist) consensus. Right now, given the priorities and prejudices of our current government, we can probably, at best, hope to treat the symptoms.

Various public spirited people in Milland and Rogate want to help improve the situation but they and I would welcome your suggestions. Do write if you have particular ideas to deal with particular issues:


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