Saturday, June 23, 2007

Referendum Now

Mr Blair's final days in office are marked by the decit which has become the hallmark of his premiership. He is conceding vast powers to the EU, an organisation which already has far too much power. He is pretending he is not doing so in an attempt to avoid giving us a democratic choice.

We need to push Mr Brown to give us the referendum we were promised on this constitution. The "concessions" Mr Blair has "secured" will be cut away by the EU bureaucrats and they are not as robust as they appear to be. We are far better off without this treaty than with it. It does nothing for our country or our people. We should have a vote on it and reject it. We need a new partnership with the EU, similar to those enjoyed by Norway and Switzerland - free to take the good ideas and reject the bad and merely average. Conceding yet more power to the EU threatens our already weak democracy. We must say yes to running our own affairs and no to this treaty.


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