Sunday, January 27, 2008

Improving Local Policing in the Ward - Volunteers wanted

Sussex Police recently briefed the Rother Valley Forum on its new policing strategy. It wants to form ward based groups to advise it on the type of crimes it should be focusing on. While a little more bureaucratic (setting up a new body rather than trying to work within the established local government frameworks of County, District and Parish), I think we should give this new initiative by Sussex Police a fair chance.

It would be nice for local police to be better able to understand our crime fighting needs and the more we talk to the police, the more likely the force's officers are to spend time fighting the crimes and general anti-social behaviour which we want dealt with rather than wasting time on the Home Office's politically correct paperwork.

I'm liaising with the police on the establishment of this new group which would probably meet once every 12 weeks or so. Please give me a shout if you'd be interested in joining -


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