Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Preserving Village Schools

I know that many of you are concerned by the proposal by West Sussex County Council to close Rogate School. I attended the open meeting at Rogate School where we were addressed by the County education officer and was impressed by the degree of public support shown for the school.

To be clear, WSCC is entirely separate from Chichester District Council. I am your District Councillor and the County Council is i/c schools, not the District Council. Nola Hendon, your County Councillor, is leading the campaign to keep a primary school in Rogate. I support her campaign.

For my views on how I think our primary education may best evolve, please see my letter to Mr Dunn at the County Council at


Blogger Sasha said...

Sorry to break your comment duck! I am glad that you were impressed by the level of support shown, by your ward, at the Public Meeting for the school. I am also pleased to hear that you are supporting Nola Hendons' campaign to keep Rogate School open. Would you, then, please explain to your ward how the DISTRICT Council UNANIMOUSLY supported the County Councils' proposals, at a meeting two weeks ago?

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