Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rubbish - What should we do ?

One of the most talked about issues during the election campaign was rubbish collection. I'd be interested in knowing what you think the best solution is. We currently have collections every fortnight for rubbish and recycling. I find I fill up my recycling bin faster than my rubbish bin these days but several people have said they are less than happy with current arrangements.

We need to increase recycling to reduce pressure on landfill sites and the need for costly and unsightly incinerator plants. Nevertheless, there is more than one road to Rome and I'd like to hear your suggestions as to what we could do to improve rubbish collection & recycling in the Chichester District.

Interested in Planning ?

If you live in Linch, Milland or Rogate and are interested in planning you may like to look at the advertisement I've just put up for a Ward Secretary to help me in my new duties as District Councillor. Please see

Friday, May 04, 2007

Thank you to Rogate, Milland, Rake and Linch

Brief note to say thank you very much for electing me as your district councillor with such a resounding majority. I'd particularly like to thank those who gave their time and energy to help me deliver my leaflets, canvass and those who gave their time yesterday to man our polling stations. I'll look forward to continuing to work to represent your interests as a district councillor.

I'd also like to thank Mr & Mrs Campbell for a running a principled campaign on behalf of the Liberal Democrats which I don't think, at any point, descended into mudslinging or underhand tactics. I hope that they'll continue to provide a valuable contribution to Rogate's life.