Friday, March 28, 2008

Rogate School II

Further to my blog on the WSCC consultation on Rother Valley Schools, the District Council passed the following resolution at the Full Council meeting on 25th March 2008. This resolution constitutes the formal position of Chichester District Council on the Rother Valley Schools' Consultation by West Sussex County Council. You will see that the District Council formally asks the County Council to reconsider its conclusion that Rogate School is not viable,

"Accordingly the resolutions were as follows: That Council supports the restructuring of primary education in the Rother Valley to implement the change in age of transfer subject to:

(a) Appropriate supervision on school buses to ensure the safe transport of young children between home and school;

(b) Reassurance being given to all school staff and head teachers that they will be fairly treated in any redeployment that follows restructuring; and

(c) A re-examination of the viability of Rogate and Northchapel as all-through 4 to 11 schools.

(2) That Council supports the establishment of an academy to replace the three existing secondary schools subject to:

(a) In appointing the senior leadership team of the academy, the claims of the senior leadership teams of the three schools are given special consideration;

(b) The new local governing body contains strong representation of parents and the community; and

(c) The academy in its outreach work with primary schools makes provision for specialist teaching skills for Year 6."


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